Happy Birthday Abbe Edward!

by Jacob on May 4th, 2010

This past Sunday I had the opportunity to visit my friends at St. Gianna Oratory in Tucson. St. Gianna’s is the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest’s apostolate in Arizona.


While at the Oratory, I assisted at a beautifully celebrated High Mass which was then followed by a Holy Hour of prayer for our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI.


It just so happened that I made my visit on Abbe Ablang’s 26th birthday! Canon Richard von Menshengen, Rector of St. Gianna Oratory, Mr. Jarrod Schrader, the Oratory’s Master of Ceremonies, and myself joined Abbe for a very nice birthday lunch.


Canon von Menshengen very kindly offered spiritual direction to help guide me in my discernment. I first met with Canon in January of this year. Since our first meeting, Canon has become almost a personal vocational director for me. His kindness and the joy he exudes in his pastoral care of the faithful inspire me to be like him. All Institute priests, oblates, and seminarians I have encountered are of the highest calibre and I find their dedication to our Lord most inspiring.


Please be sure to keep Canon von Menshengen, the Institute, and all priests and seminarians in your prayers!

Vocational Visit!

by Jacob on May 3rd, 2010

The weekend before last, I was very fortunate to make a vocational visit with the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest. I spent three days and three nights at the Shrine of Christ the King on the southside of Chicago, Illinois. Two priests, three oblates, and two candidates live and work at the Shrine. During my stay I was graciously welcomed with great hospitality among the community.
Here’s how my visit unfolded:

Friday, April 23
I arrived in Chicago from Phoenix at 3 o’ clock. John, a candidate, drove me from Midway airport to the Shrine. After greeting the community, Canon Talarico immediately found an assignment for me. For about and hour or so, I sat in a parlor and folded about two hundred pamphlets for that weekend’s devotional schedule. Thankfully Nick, another candidate from Omaha, prepared a pizza for me afterwards. I then briefly met with Canon Talarico, who explained to me a little more about the charism and the mission of the Institute. Later that evening, I was introduced to chanting the Divine Office in the Shrine’s beautifully appointed priory chapel. I was pleasantly surprised at dinner, when I heard chamber music being played while we ate. I thought that was very classy! After dinner a seminarian taught me how to properly set a European dinner table.


Saturday, April 24
The day started at 7:25 with morning prayer in the Shrine church. I soon learned that the church had no heat and that my v-neck sweater was not enough to keep me from shivering! Morning prayer was followed by Low Mass and devotions to Our Lady of Perpetual Help. After a nice breakfast, I was assigned to help Abbe Rous with cleaning a few statues and religious painting which the Institute obtained for their Sisters’ convent in St. Louis from a closed monastery in West Virginia. Abbe and I had a very interesting time trying to heave an incredibly heavy marble statue of the Sacred Heart just across the hall! Abbe then mentored me in the praying of the Breviary. Following the chanting of Sext, I met again with Canon Talarico. As a community, we had a Holy Hour of prayer for our Holy Father Pope Benedict. Then came dinner and some well-needed sleep.


Sunday, April 25
We were able to sleep in a bit on Sunday because High Mass was not until 10 0′ clock. After a wonderfully festive High Mass celebrated in honor of the Divine Infant Jesus we treated ourselves to a very hearty brunch. After brunch I again met with Canon Talarico and learned about applying to the Institute. That afternoon I helped Abbe Georg with cleaning the Shrine church. I windexed the windows, vacuumed the vestibule, and posted signs notifying the faithful that the blessed sacrament had been removed for that evening’s concert. After a very pleasant classical concert we held another Holy Hour in the church.


Monday, April 26
My final day at the Shrine began with Morning Prayer and Mass. After breakfast, I met for a final time with Canon Talarico. After helping John do some work in the priory basement, I packed up for the journey home. After a quick lunch prepared by Abbe Georg we chanted Midday Prayers. After wishing everyone farewell, I was whisked away to the airport.

Now, back in Phoenix, I look forward to the future and remain optimistic about my vocational horizons.
To learn more about the great work of the Institute in America and throughout the world, please visit: www.institute-christ-king.org.



Tempus Fugit Memento Mori

by Jacob on April 14th, 2010

It is with great joy that I announce to you my admittance to the First Degree of the Knights of Columbus! I hope to mature into the best Catholic man I can be alongside my fellow First Degrees.

For further information about this great Order’s mission and charism, please visit: www.kofc.org.

Please Support Jacob

by Dorothy on April 9th, 2010

This website has been created to raise money to send Jacob to the seminary.

I have created this to help aide Jacob fulfill his dream of becoming a priest. We are reaching out to anyone who would like to help contribute to his education.  Any sponsorship donation, small or large, will greatly help with the costs associated with seminary school.

The expense of sending Jacob to the seminary, as well as that of lodging, feeding, providing instruction, and supplying the necessary study materials is very high. He has been asked to contribute the relatively small amount of $900 per month toward these costs, but may not able to afford this contribution.

My husband and I are looking for help from anyone who is willing to donate any money to help us cover the high monthly costs of attendance. Would you be willing to help support him throughout his seminary years? We will be eternally grateful for any donation.

Jacob and the rest of my family will be posting news and information regularly on his journey to become a priest. Please check back often to see his progression.

Thank you,
Dorothy Gonzales

To donate click HERE.